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Where do I start ?

Well after chatting to my best buddy @w3bbo during one of our many coral shopping trips about fishing I decided to take the plunge again after many years of absence from the sport. This time carp not coarse.

Timing worked well as I had decided to close my reef tank down as I want to go larger.

So much time researching kit and advise form Rich I decided on my kit and bought what I needed thought I would want and much more lol.


So it was time to hit the bank and Gawsworth was the venue. I was up dressed and ready to leave at 4am. Arrived gates opened at 6am and we chose pegs. I had a good idea of how to set up from my coarse days so I was soon in the water. Had a good few bream but as Rich said they don't count lol. I managed a 12.5LB mirror on my first trip so was well chuffed.



Word of advice if you are going to sit in the sun all day with ripped jeans make sue you cover your skin or put lotion on as i ended up with a very burnt and very sore knee lol


Second trip was again to Gawsworth and was Saturday into Sunday.

Had a nightmare day casting into the brash over hanging from the island and had a few bream. Rich didn't hit the trees but was the same with bream so a move was needed. We pitched up on the opposite side and got the rods in the water again. To my surprise at 23.30 as I was calling it a night and just about to hit the bivvy one of the rods went like I shot alarm screaming and I hit into it. A short fight and in came my first cat



I had a few more knocks through the night but no real takes. Around about lunch i had a massive take and thought id hooked moby dick unfortunately after a short fight i heard the dreaded PING.

Nothing more after that for me but Rich carried on catching the carp.


Turners pool , after a very slow well none existent start to the fishing and wondering why everone else was catching apart from me , Rich had a look how i was fishing and nothing stood out apart from the fould smell of my groundbait- yes i had stupidly kept what was left from the weekend.

A new mix and a peg swap and i was catching. By the end of the day i had had 50 carp !! Yes 50. all 5LB- 10lB but great sport. When landing one of the carp i found a larger crayfish in the net- around 3"  which was soon met with the sole of my shoe !


Gawsworth again and only one carp around the 6Lb mark but a few bream.



Gawsworth for a few hours after work and a big BLANK - not even a bream lol



Arranged with Rich and Jordan to do a Friday night into Saturday day. Traffic was a nightmare took 2 1/2 hours to get to Gawsworth from Wigan.

Finally got the the pond and most pegs were taken. Webbo was down in the bottom corner so Jordan and i set up on 1 & 2 . A few knows for me followed by roach and bream. Same story on Saturday until my final cast around 16:30 and within a few minuets i had a run leading to a 12.5Lb Mirror



Jordan had a great session but ill leave that for him to tell you about.




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Met up with @Webbo at you guessed it Gawsworth after work and joined by Jordan shortly after.

Picked our pegs and in went the lines. Had a run followed by a hook pull great start lol. unusually quiet with only the odd sound of a bite alarm going off until about 2am when I got another run - yeah you guessed it hook pull 15ft from the bank lol . Rest of the night was quiet for me with bot Jordan and Rich catching.

Saturday morning the bites came on again but was the BREAM DREAM all day- Bream 9 - Carp nil.

Had a good night plenty of banter on the bank so was a good weekend . Jordan left around dinner only leaving me and Rich to fight it out till 8pm.

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24/25th August

Another 24 hour session with @Webbo on Gawsworth

Didnt stop raining for more than a few hours. Torn between 2 pegs but made my choice then shuffled down one. 

Noticed after I was set up there was a wasp nest 3feet in front of me 

First chuck saw this beauty come out 



A few liners and a quiet night . 

Reset the traps in the morning to take my personal best same rod and place as the first one 

470E94E1-BEF3-40B3-B5A1-36C249F59EB7.thumb.jpeg.a7435799ec0ff6282a78dc97beda5cf0.jpeg20lb mirror

Another small carp and a few bream and roach. 

Great weekend again 

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