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Some venues are just creepy...

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I do like night fishing but there are just some venues that are just damn creepy.

Take for instance one of my club waters. I've been fishing there for over 10 years. One of the pegs always used to creep me out while on nights. For whatever reason I always got the feeling I was being watched. Ya know the feeling. That feeling of apprehensiveness, like something was about to happen - whatever that maybe. Sure we can all get the spooks when we're on our own and hear twigs snap, a rustle in the bushes close by but this was different, sort of like a feeling of oppression/dread.

It wasn't until recently that I was informed that right next to the water is a place called hanging wood - yup a place renown for suicides by hanging. I had made no mention of my feelings about this place known until now so I know it wasn't a wind up. The peg in question was the closest to hanging wood. I'm not a massive believer in the supernatural and I will confess I don't like the dark but I won't be fishing in that peg again on nights that's for sure!


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The thing is now you know what they call the wood it will be even more on your mind.

I think I would be creeped out now you have said that and I was there, yet normally things like that don't bother me. Apparently my house is haunted and "SHE" has been seen by a few people but in 20 years of living there I have yet to see anything to make me believe.

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