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Angler's Mail: English carp angler nets 102 lb giant from World record venue

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LUKE VANES became the fourth Englishman to land a 100 lb-plus carp from foreign waters.


Wolverhampton, West Midlands-based Luke caught the 102 lb mirror from Hungary’s world record venue Euro-Aqua.

It came on his second day after he and pal Luke Edwards had fed 200 kg of hemp, 50 kg of maize and 50 kg of fishery boilies 130 yards out.

The 35-year-old said: “This was the sixth trip to Euro-Aqua and we’d had fish to mid 70s before.

“I thought this one might be 80 lb when I first landed her but when I lifted her up I knew she was much bigger.”

Luke Vanes finished with five carp topped by that 102 lb monster and his pal, Luke Edwards, tempted 15 carp topped by this 79 lb common (below) in the week-long trip.


The pair fished Euro-Aqua straight from seven days at Parco del Brenta in Italy where they had 82 fish to over 50 lb.

The first English carp angler to break the ton barrier was Colin Smith in 2013 with the Etang La Saussaie common at 100 lb 8 oz.

This was followed by Euro-Aqua mirrors of 104 lb 2 oz and 101 lb 8 oz to Stephen Weir and Warren Harrison respectively.

Dutchman Michel Schoenmakers broke the World carp record at Euro-Aqua in November 2018 with a 112 lb 14 oz beast.

Austrian Marco Eichner had held the World record with a 108 lb beast from Euro-Aqua in 2017.

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