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Angler's Mail: Monster chub from named free stretch of river

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PAUL POTTER hopes other angler will catch chub like this 7 lb 6 oz giant...or even bigger ones.


Paul caught the impressive chub from the famous Longham free stretch on the Dorset Stour.

Local Paul revealed: “I grew up with this famous stretch as a boy in Bournemouth.

“Some folk will say: why mention the water?

“My thoughts are that I hope someone catches it at 8 lb on a free stretch as it can be an expensive game and some people can’t afford to fish with the cost of some of the clubs down south. Good luck to all who try.

“If we didn’t share our stories sometimes it wouldn’t be as much fun – and it encourages more people to fish.

“When I caught the chub it was foggy and cold, and at 2.30am my rod took off like a rocket with Hinders Elips Dumbells doing the biz over a bed of hemp laced with Fish Pro. I used a bolt rig with a size 8 hook and PVA bag of free goodies.

“My hookbait was hand-rolled by specialist angling friend Steve Downing from the Anglers Hook Bait Company.”

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