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  1. Should arrange a river trip in the next couple of weeks, never had a river carp @Dave@w3bbo@Jordan
  2. Group social at gawsworth on the 9th of Feb all members are invited could you reply to let me know who's coming so we can arrange times etc also hoodies will be available soon to represent carp-angling if any interest in these please let Dave know.
  3. Scotty

    Dave's Blog

    Was a hard night not often I pray for a blank ha ha! Managed a decent carp though 👍
  4. Group discussion to share our favourite tactics
  5. Scotty


    Now then I'm scott, started fishing with my dad when I was about 7. from the first time I was hooked (pun intended) caught my first carp 2003 just can't stop now.
  6. Scotty

    Dave's Blog

    Was a quiet one this time round, not defeated though next time different bait and rigs 👌

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